“Dance like no one is looking”
We’ve all heard this saying before. We think we know what it means. To express yourself freely without reservation. Show your priapic gyrations to win the girl and take her home. But in reality it can mean a number of things. If you were dancing and people were actually looking you’d probably be at a dance or disco or nightclub or somewhere where there’s music and other people. If you all of a sudden decided no-one was looking, one of 2 things could happen. You may get despondent and think that despite your cool moves showing your teenage children you’ve still got it, that no one gives a damn about you or your sexy moves, no one’s watching. The result, some even more sluggish moves. You could forget that the sexy girl is watching you and end up walking home alone thinking, did I forget something at the club (yes, the girl!). Or you could forget that there are also others on the dance floor and with flaying arms you could be slapping people around that dance floor like Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon. This could get you in trouble especially in a nightclub late at night. So, although the statement has its benefits, use the meaning wisely.
Dancing with the Stars on TV – probably no-one is watching that ,so that’s ideal.
To finish – “Dance is the hidden language of the soul” Martha Graham. If this true, when you express your language in conversation with your neighbour or friend, pretend no one is looking and just talk nonsense, talk to yourself, laugh, burp, yawn and sneer, then do the quick step down the road with jazz hands – who cares, no one is looking.