Humility is something that can be confusing. How can I be humble and yet not let myself think too little of myself. Here’s how. I have been humble now all my adult life and get lots of praise for my humility. I will tell people up front that I am a humble person. I don’t want to lie and say I’m full of pride. That would make me look stupid and a liar at the same time. You can make yourself look humble by looking down to the ground instead of holding your head high like a big head would. You can also pretend to listen intently when someone is talking incessantly at you about their problems. Refrain from making a comment, try to look interested and don’t keep looking around or over their shoulder at something more interesting like grass growing or paint drying.

Practice a humble frown in front if the mirror each morning after your daily meditation. Look sombre, look caring, look less than. Each of these looks comes in handy at a moments notice when you start chatting away and want humility.
As I mentioned before, listening is a key to humility and it’s damned hard work, especially when you can’t follow what they are talking about or don’t care. It’s an easy habit to butt in and try and change the subject to something you like or your problems. Try to make eye contact even if they are really short or really tall. If they are facing away from you it’s impossible to make eye contact. This is a good opportunity to get rid of the boredom and get the yawns out the way before they look you in the eye again. Remember to blink though as eye fatigue will set in.

Today I will show my humility to all and gain the respect and admiration of those I meet.