We see many great people in our world today, achieving great things and overcoming adversity.

You may say “Andy”, “”Yes, Enid” I would reply unless your name wasn’t Enid of course. “How can I be great”.Well to be great you have to do great things. To do great things you have to firstly believe you can do great things and in order to believe you can do great things you have think that it might be possible to believe that great things are possible today. Most importantly though you must think it and focus for some time on the fact that you can think it possible to believe that it’s possible to believe that you can do great things today. Don’t waste too much time on this as the day will be gone and you will have achieved nothing.
So once about 20 seconds of thought has prepared you for greatness go out and act.
Great acts like opening a door for someone, putting your litter in a bin, getting to work on time, being honest with expenses to some extent and making the bed are all acts of greatness. After all you never saw Ghandi drop litter did you. Although he may have when no one was looking, the odd coke can or Mars bar wrapper on the floor. But let’s assume he was generally good in that respect. Although they didn’t have many bins in Africa when he lived in the early first century bc. These are high standards of greatness, so work up slowly one at a time. Be late for work, yes, drop some litter, fine but maybe open a door for yourself and maybe one other lady today. You never know, you might score of she is hot.

Today my middle name will be great. Regardless of what my middle name actually is although I can double Heiffen if necessary. I will do one great thing today and follow in the footsteps of Christ who shows us how to live and made a complete mess in the church when they were having a garage sale in overturning tables and special sale items, plants and stuff. I am great.