There’s a famous quote that says “If your not doing what is your passion, then you have nothing to lose”

You may have a mortgage to lose, in which case, carry on.
George Michael from WHAM once sang “enjoy what you do, enjoy what you do etc etc, if not just stop, don’t stay there and rot”. Again easy to sing if you are a pop sensation, but if your kids need an education and lots more technological items (iPads etc), then stay and rot. Ask God whether you should, let go, hang on, never give up or give up. Wisdom is the key, but not to the door of your house. That’s a real key.

Today I will seek freedom from work. I will ask for wisdom to hand my notice in and tell the boss to rot in hell, before briskly turning and marching out the door. I will remember however, to know which of the 4 previous options best matches the situation.