Letting go.
Someone once said “How do I let go?”.
‘Hang on’
“How do I hang on?”
‘Let go’

In order to let go of the past, the future, the addictions and so on, you need to learn to let go.
Letting go doesn’t mean giving up (in the case of addiction it does) but giving in. Hang on, give up, give in and let go, probably after hanging on. Hang on after letting go if you are literally on a cliff edge holding on for dear life. In fact don’t let go at all, just keep hanging or pulling yourself up. Then pull yourself together and then let go. Never give up.
Give up when it’s related to giving in on the letting go – after holding on.

Dear Lord, I will learn today to let go, hang on, give in and never give up. Show me which one to do in which situation so I don’t die or at least get confused. WTF.