Loving yourself.
“Before you can learn to love others, first you must love yourself”
It’s easy to be hard on yourself and not love or even like yourself. Sometimes we can be angry at our own mistakes. Like when we say the wrong thing or act in a self deprecating manner, when someone belittles us. One way to overcome this is to stand tall in the face of opposition, whether it be financial, spiritual or someone right in front of us. Take a breath and hug ourselves.
Be brave and don’t worry what others think. Just go ahead and hug yourself. Hug extravagantly. Don’t go overboard and make it sexual as that could be deemed as sexual harassment, but give enough to display love in all it’s freedom today.

God, today I will love myself, but not in a sexual way (unless it is reciprocated). I will show myself I care and in return I will learn to hug random strangers to show I love me