Today you may feel defeated from time to time. Things may have embarrassed you like dressing up in all the right gear to go out with your boogie board, only to be humiliated by the 2 foot waves and a crushed ego. The picture says it all. I glance to the side to check no one was looking at the pathetic attempt to catch a few waves. But don’t let fear get in the way of courage or the face of inadequacy. I recently too my2 yr old son to watch a football game only I be humiliated by his fear of the crowds, lack of understanding of what was happening and many screams. The visit to the toilet started at minute 15 of the game. The next 8 minutes had two more toilet excursions  before I accepted defeat and left the ground stepping on peoples toes as I left my row with son in one arm carrying a well stocked bag and pushchair in the other. Although I was temporarily defeated, joyless and missed 3 second half goals I knew how to look at is as a victory. Firstly we got to the game, secondly I was victorious in protecting him from the hooligans and thirdly I was able to give my tickets away to someone coming in late to the game with no tickets. Very philanthropic of me.Anyway, don’t accept defeat today like I do all the time. Push on and gain victory in winning. Einstein never gave up on the telephone even though he was trying to create a radio. Churchill never gave in to Hitler and One Direction never gave up either despite the despair of many parents and their acceptance at taking their daughters to the concerts.So don’t accept defeat, meditate and think of Hitler, Tim the big brother winner and the biggest losers. They don’t accept defeat easily and battle on to victory.
Today I will be inspired by Churchil, Obama, Edison, Einstein and Tim/Jade and Tahan who gave up so much through years of hard graft. Never give up, never give up, never give up (unless you’ve already lots maybe)