—Proverbs 16:9

Sometimes we make plans only for God to tell us no. He doesn’t actually tell us no, our plans just don’t work out so its a good guess that it’s a no. Unless it’s a yes but not now. Or it would have been yes if you did it differently. You might say ‘how was I to bloody know?’
Sometimes you will get a silence. Which means he doesn’t like being spoken to like that.
The scripture also says a mans ways and his plans. It doesn’t mention women. Well who knows what a woman’s plans are. They change all the time.
Occasionally a mans mind makes plans, but a woman directs his steps and makes him unsure.
So, should we plan or not. Ask God to direct you today in all that you do from that parking space you need at the shops to the extra money for your hair extensions or a new HD 70″ TV with surround sound. He cares. (Unless you live in the third world then you probably won’t have a car to park and you might need a smaller TV if you have any power that is. Food is a must though, and hair straighteners are probably higher on the list than extensions).

Today I will walk the walk and talk the talk with you, I will step out in faith and see if it is your will or not, in which case I’m happy to be made a fool of today also. Make me humble.