Strong people don’t put others down; they lift them up.
Unless it’s WWF. Although to be fair, they do lift them up first.
Or unless it’s a strong person who is very angry with someone, has decided to lift them up and throw them out the window (of the 10th floor), has second thoughts and decides to put them down (gently). Then, yes, be strong.
Unless it’s a fireman carrying someone down from a fire filled building and then puts them down (not verbally). He may not be strong though as technically he can be 65yrs old now I think with new laws on retirement coming in for Firefighters. Still, he could be a strong 65 year old, maybe. Compared to a flea. But again, aren’t fleas strong for their size. If they were human they could jump over St Pauls cathedral in London, not that you’d want to do that necessarily. You’d probably enter the Olympics and do high jump and long jump perhaps, or just jump the 100m in 1 second. The 400m would be tricky as you’d have to do numerous jumps and probably infringe the lane changing rules.
You could jump to London from anywhere in the world, save loads on airfare and then jump St Pauls. You’d probably need sat nav though and the ocean would be tricky. The money saved could be spent on Shopping.

God, today I will not be like a WWF fighter and lift people up only to slam them down, I don’t have the strength. Only you have that power and WWF fighters. Let me be a lifter upperer, not a slammer downerer