By today you will probably have had something to panic about this month. Bills to pay, going back to work, forgetting you have to be at work today. Not knowing if you even work or not. Who are you! Panic can set in at any moment. In a darkened room at night by yourself, panic can grip you like a stranger breaking into your house at night with murderous intention. What was that noise? Why do I always have to check that strange sound in the middle of the night and have to go downstairs armed with a slipper and thoughts of Bruce Lee. Today or tonight you can choose the opposite of panic and choose peace. Take a deep breath, relax and feel the air flowing in and out of your lungs. If you are a bit tight chested, don’t let it unsettle you – it will pass, if you stop smoking. If you can’t stop, worry about it tomorrow. From your toes to your head, feel everybody part and it’s presence. If you can’t feel a body part you may start to panic, but still, refrain from worry as you are probably sitting awkwardly and have stopped the blood flow. Let the blood flow, but keep it inside your body, don’t literally let the blood flow – it’s a metaphor – or is it?

Relax. Stop breathing, start again and stop.
Start again. Keep breathing all day.

Today I will not panic. Despite all those debts, nagging feelings of inadequacy, a downtrodden existence and no future in store, I will relax and enjoy the moment. I will now press on with my busy day having wasted 10 minutes reading this and having gotten way behind – peace is within and without. Shalom