James 1v2
‘Consider it pure joy my brothers when you endure hardship’
This verse from the bible written by James or Jim as he was often called, calls us to a life of joy.
I recall a time when I had to suffer a hardship. I was driving my new cabriolet fresh out of the showroom and round to Bobby’s house my best friend from way back. I pulled up outside his house and proudly displaying my new glorious car only to be met by a cold heartless stare. Bobby had just lost his job and his wife had recently left him after she had an affair. He was selling the house because he had no money. His father had died that week also. Despite these small setbacks I was devastated at the thoughtlessness of his actions and more the lack of enthusiasm for my new car and outward display of success. I soon realised that although I felt hurt, I needed the joy of The Lord and his spirit to lay aside Bobby’s attitude and lack of understanding and rest in that joy. Besides, I had a new car!
So, today as you go through hardships you may be facing, just remember to clothe yourself in joy. Shrug off apathy, others feelings and have some “me time” and bathe in that happy sense of God and the prosperity he brings.