When you want more out of life, unacceptancy is the key. To accept second best is to accept failure, especially if its a two man race. Although you can claim that you came in the top 2 if its a competition and maybe forget to mention that there were only 2 competitors. If there are three competitors and you come third, dont mention that either, only that you came third. If there are three thousand entrants and you come three thousandth, then don’t even mention you entered at all, unless you’ve bragged to everyone about the event and there are lots of happy faces when you meet everyone with “How did you go?”, “How was the competition, did you do well? We’re so proud of you”. It may be best to unaccept the question and walk away, pretending you didn’t hear. If you win and are the only entrant, brag all you like. Don’t tell people you were the only one. Don’t accept you couldn’t have lost. It would however be difficult to be the only entrant in a tennis match for example, so you’d probably get a bye and not even have to play at all. In this rare situation, accept it. Read the previous post and do that one instead of this one (Acceptance).

Today I will unaccept the acceptable and accept the unacceptable. I will walk by faith as that is another key I must put on my key ring. I will mark the keys so I dont use acceptance when unacceptance is what I really want and end up bragging about coming last out of 3000 people in a competition. Today I will say “NO”.