Todays thought :-

In many situations in life look for the good. Even when it’s bad. Occasionally it is actually bad, but just ignore it, (let go and let God) unless you have to. Like a letter from the bank saying you are overdrawn. But that can be good as it will make you realise you are overspending so it’s a warning to cut back and enjoy the free things in life. Electricity is not free however, so just pay the bill.
Take a moment now to focus on something good. Are you beautiful?
No, then focus on something else.
If you can’t think of anything, just remember that something must be good. If not, acceptance is the key – that’s another days meditation!

God help me to see the good in something today. If I can’t, help me to accept the bad and read tomorrow’s meditation and swap it for today’s, hoping that today’s acceptance will become tomorrows good things.