Dance like no one is looking

“Dance like no one is looking”
We’ve all heard this saying before. We think we know what it means. To express yourself freely without reservation. Show your priapic gyrations to win the girl and take her home. But in reality it can mean a number of things. If you were dancing and people were actually looking you’d probably be at a dance or disco or nightclub or somewhere where there’s music and other people. If you all of a sudden decided no-one was looking, one of 2 things could happen. You may get despondent and think that despite your cool moves showing your teenage children you’ve still got it, that no one gives a damn about you or your sexy moves, no one’s watching. The result, some even more sluggish moves. You could forget that the sexy girl is watching you and end up walking home alone thinking, did I forget something at the club (yes, the girl!). Or you could forget that there are also others on the dance floor and with flaying arms you could be slapping people around that dance floor like Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon. This could get you in trouble especially in a nightclub late at night. So, although the statement has its benefits, use the meaning wisely.
Dancing with the Stars on TV – probably no-one is watching that ,so that’s ideal.
To finish – “Dance is the hidden language of the soul” Martha Graham. If this true, when you express your language in conversation with your neighbour or friend, pretend no one is looking and just talk nonsense, talk to yourself, laugh, burp, yawn and sneer, then do the quick step down the road with jazz hands – who cares, no one is looking.



Humility is something that can be confusing. How can I be humble and yet not let myself think too little of myself. Here’s how. I have been humble now all my adult life and get lots of praise for my humility. I will tell people up front that I am a humble person. I don’t want to lie and say I’m full of pride. That would make me look stupid and a liar at the same time. You can make yourself look humble by looking down to the ground instead of holding your head high like a big head would. You can also pretend to listen intently when someone is talking incessantly at you about their problems. Refrain from making a comment, try to look interested and don’t keep looking around or over their shoulder at something more interesting like grass growing or paint drying.

Practice a humble frown in front if the mirror each morning after your daily meditation. Look sombre, look caring, look less than. Each of these looks comes in handy at a moments notice when you start chatting away and want humility.
As I mentioned before, listening is a key to humility and it’s damned hard work, especially when you can’t follow what they are talking about or don’t care. It’s an easy habit to butt in and try and change the subject to something you like or your problems. Try to make eye contact even if they are really short or really tall. If they are facing away from you it’s impossible to make eye contact. This is a good opportunity to get rid of the boredom and get the yawns out the way before they look you in the eye again. Remember to blink though as eye fatigue will set in.

Today I will show my humility to all and gain the respect and admiration of those I meet.

Be great today

We see many great people in our world today, achieving great things and overcoming adversity.

You may say “Andy”, “”Yes, Enid” I would reply unless your name wasn’t Enid of course. “How can I be great”.Well to be great you have to do great things. To do great things you have to firstly believe you can do great things and in order to believe you can do great things you have think that it might be possible to believe that great things are possible today. Most importantly though you must think it and focus for some time on the fact that you can think it possible to believe that it’s possible to believe that you can do great things today. Don’t waste too much time on this as the day will be gone and you will have achieved nothing.
So once about 20 seconds of thought has prepared you for greatness go out and act.
Great acts like opening a door for someone, putting your litter in a bin, getting to work on time, being honest with expenses to some extent and making the bed are all acts of greatness. After all you never saw Ghandi drop litter did you. Although he may have when no one was looking, the odd coke can or Mars bar wrapper on the floor. But let’s assume he was generally good in that respect. Although they didn’t have many bins in Africa when he lived in the early first century bc. These are high standards of greatness, so work up slowly one at a time. Be late for work, yes, drop some litter, fine but maybe open a door for yourself and maybe one other lady today. You never know, you might score of she is hot.

Today my middle name will be great. Regardless of what my middle name actually is although I can double Heiffen if necessary. I will do one great thing today and follow in the footsteps of Christ who shows us how to live and made a complete mess in the church when they were having a garage sale in overturning tables and special sale items, plants and stuff. I am great.



There’s a famous quote that says “If your not doing what is your passion, then you have nothing to lose”

You may have a mortgage to lose, in which case, carry on.
George Michael from WHAM once sang “enjoy what you do, enjoy what you do etc etc, if not just stop, don’t stay there and rot”. Again easy to sing if you are a pop sensation, but if your kids need an education and lots more technological items (iPads etc), then stay and rot. Ask God whether you should, let go, hang on, never give up or give up. Wisdom is the key, but not to the door of your house. That’s a real key.

Today I will seek freedom from work. I will ask for wisdom to hand my notice in and tell the boss to rot in hell, before briskly turning and marching out the door. I will remember however, to know which of the 4 previous options best matches the situation.

Letting go


Letting go.
Someone once said “How do I let go?”.
‘Hang on’
“How do I hang on?”
‘Let go’

In order to let go of the past, the future, the addictions and so on, you need to learn to let go.
Letting go doesn’t mean giving up (in the case of addiction it does) but giving in. Hang on, give up, give in and let go, probably after hanging on. Hang on after letting go if you are literally on a cliff edge holding on for dear life. In fact don’t let go at all, just keep hanging or pulling yourself up. Then pull yourself together and then let go. Never give up.
Give up when it’s related to giving in on the letting go – after holding on.

Dear Lord, I will learn today to let go, hang on, give in and never give up. Show me which one to do in which situation so I don’t die or at least get confused. WTF.

Loving yourself

Loving yourself.
“Before you can learn to love others, first you must love yourself”
It’s easy to be hard on yourself and not love or even like yourself. Sometimes we can be angry at our own mistakes. Like when we say the wrong thing or act in a self deprecating manner, when someone belittles us. One way to overcome this is to stand tall in the face of opposition, whether it be financial, spiritual or someone right in front of us. Take a breath and hug ourselves.
Be brave and don’t worry what others think. Just go ahead and hug yourself. Hug extravagantly. Don’t go overboard and make it sexual as that could be deemed as sexual harassment, but give enough to display love in all it’s freedom today.

God, today I will love myself, but not in a sexual way (unless it is reciprocated). I will show myself I care and in return I will learn to hug random strangers to show I love me







Today you may feel defeated from time to time. Things may have embarrassed you like dressing up in all the right gear to go out with your boogie board, only to be humiliated by the 2 foot waves and a crushed ego. The picture says it all. I glance to the side to check no one was looking at the pathetic attempt to catch a few waves. But don’t let fear get in the way of courage or the face of inadequacy. I recently too my2 yr old son to watch a football game only I be humiliated by his fear of the crowds, lack of understanding of what was happening and many screams. The visit to the toilet started at minute 15 of the game. The next 8 minutes had two more toilet excursions  before I accepted defeat and left the ground stepping on peoples toes as I left my row with son in one arm carrying a well stocked bag and pushchair in the other. Although I was temporarily defeated, joyless and missed 3 second half goals I knew how to look at is as a victory. Firstly we got to the game, secondly I was victorious in protecting him from the hooligans and thirdly I was able to give my tickets away to someone coming in late to the game with no tickets. Very philanthropic of me.Anyway, don’t accept defeat today like I do all the time. Push on and gain victory in winning. Einstein never gave up on the telephone even though he was trying to create a radio. Churchill never gave in to Hitler and One Direction never gave up either despite the despair of many parents and their acceptance at taking their daughters to the concerts.So don’t accept defeat, meditate and think of Hitler, Tim the big brother winner and the biggest losers. They don’t accept defeat easily and battle on to victory.
Today I will be inspired by Churchil, Obama, Edison, Einstein and Tim/Jade and Tahan who gave up so much through years of hard graft. Never give up, never give up, never give up (unless you’ve already lots maybe)



Brokenness will heal in time. Give it 6 weeks off work of course. Rest and most important of all – don’t do it again. Learn from your mistakes. More on this another Day. Oh, and use a good cast technician and responsible babysitters to prevent such brokenness and wasted time in A & E.Brokenness

Love not hate

When people bother you in any way, it is because their souls are trying to get your divine attention and your blessing. Catherine Ponder.

People will bother you today. They may get on your tits. Like your boss or a nagging partner. The parking attendant who gives you a ticket for $60. They are reaching out to you and need you to bless them. So bless them with your kind words to soothe and massage their souls today. If your boss has a go at your bad work, you may feel the need to go shove his job up his arse. If the ticket is $120 you may find this harder and want to grab the parking attendant and shove to the ticket where the sun don’t shine. Either way, e parking attendant who gives you a ticket for $60. They are reaching out to you and need you to bless them. So bless them with your kind words to soothe and massage their souls today. If your boss has a go at your bad work, you may feel the need to go shove his job up his arse. If the ticket is $120 you may find this harder and want to grab the parking attendant and shove to the ticket where the sun don’t shine. Either way, blessing them will be hard. Try this. If your boss tells you, you are a lazy good for nothing, smile and wait a few minutes. Then walk round to his or her desk and hug them. Hold the hug and squeeze a little tighter. Not tight enough to be perceived as aggressive, but let it be an assertive hug. Press your body against theirs and show them you are giving them the attention and blessing you know they need. See how a different outcome will materialise from this act of love not hate.  Today I will hug and not hate.